October 11, 2009

Mabuhay Germany

Went to Bonifacio Highstreet today to check what's going on for the Mabuhay Germany event.
There were supposed to be activities for the kids.
I just brought my cam and a newly acquired lens for a spin to see how it will perform.

So there were high German cars like Audi, BMW and Benz.
I chanced by a demo of the BMW's Z4 Roadster's top down:
Cool huh!?
(Sorry can't find a jpg animation freeware)

And there was the puzzle game that took more than an hour!
And we didn't get any refreshment! @_@
Here's the puzzle from Ravensburger - a policital world map.
6 kids were supposed to make up a team, there's our boys waiting for the puzzle...
and I was quite shocked that they were supposed to do a 1000 piece puzzle! O_o
Good thing the hosts asked other kids and parents to join them.
Here's my wife with the other 2 girls, our boys were so bored by then :D
The girls took on the continents.
while the boys and I took on the flags.

North America?
and good thing is that we won. WHEW!!!
We got a limited edition polo shirt and ball cap for the hard work :D

And more pics from the event:
Activities for the kids, they were just given some coloring sheet :P
Enji trying to topple the cans
Coby trying to stop a plane?!
There were worms
I saw Elvis
a flower overlooking some German(?) paintings
There were plants
and an astronaut!?
We did see some showbiz personalities :)

It's a very good lens except for the flare, but I think I can do something about it.
I'm satisfied.

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