December 02, 2009

Lately, I've been itching on another scope. GAS! Must not give in :D

So I decided to revisit my old Meade ETX90RA which I actually have not used to its full potential yet.

As a terrestrial scope, it has an effective FL (folcal length) of 1250mm. But with an opening of 90mm (3.5in), the effective aperture is a dim f/13. This is the source of my 'itch'. I want experience a scope with a wider aperture. The 'down' side is I have to settle for a shorter eff. FL.
An Orion refractor w/ an eff FL/f of 714mm/7.0 w/ D=102mm(4in) costs about USD900 so I have to stop on my tracks and go the more practical path :D

Here's a sample shot using the ETX90 as a lens, The Moon on APS-C sensor w/o crop.

My plan is to improve the electronic drive of the ETX. Information on how to do it abound @ Mike's Might ETX site. This will keep myself busy and take my mind off those refractors.
In due time, I will get my refractor so I can star hop with my kids. But for now, I'll save some cash :D

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