February 04, 2010

I just felt blogging about this (new toy excitement :D)
-- Nokia N82 --

I can't remember when was the last time I bought my own BRAND NEW cellphone.

And I''m pretty sure I have never bought a brand new cellphone in my entire life.
I only got a new phone when I subscribe to a Smart plan eons ago and here it was:
Ladies and gentlemen, the Nokia 100. Haha!
I then had a used (borrowed from my sis-in-law if my memory serves it right :D) 3210 then a 3315 and then the company phones for 5 years now.

I consider myself a 'techie' but not a 'cellphone savvy' guy. I only use my cellphone to send|receive SMS|calls.

Lately, I noticed that Samsung's smartphones are becoming very popular. Most probably because they are more affordable (with price:performance in mind) compared to their counterparts from SE, Nokia, HTC, LG and Apple [heard of anythingbutipod.com btw? hehe]. This enticed me to retire my company phone. I was looking at Samsung Star but could not pull the trigger because deep within, I wanted a very good camera :P

Then I almost got a Samsung Marvel the other day which was released end of January. (Hmn, that explains why Samsung was having a sale on their Star no wi-fi model!). The Marvel was meant to replace the Star Wi-fi and the reviews are very promising. But still the camera is a compromise. Price is at ~P13T.

I also I thought I don't want the touch screen. Looking at SE, the ones that have very good camera is way out my budget. Kurt Munger over at his review blog purchased a wonderful SE C905a and having fun with it. Over here, it costs a whopping ~USD550! So no go w/ SE :P

And so I looked at Nokia. 5530 and 5630 XpressMusic series. I would also like a very good mp3 playing cellphone. I was already leaning towards the 5630 (P10,500) - no touch screen there - but still their cameras were compromised. Maybe I should raise my budget a little bit and so I looked at the N79.

As usual, went to phonearena and gsmarena and checked its review. It's quite good but the camera is only at 7/10. Then upon checking gsmarena (they always compare competing units), it was compared to the N82, I wondered and clicked on that model's review which was really glowing. Headed on to phonearena's N82 review (I really like their layout) and there it was: Camera:10! And then I knew which one to get :)

To be continued :D

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