February 21, 2010

"Simply Breathing"

Was googling about breathing and running the other day and I chanced by Perry Louis Fields' article @ Authentic Breathing.com:
Proper Breathing is Essential for Athletes and Non-Athletes Alike
"The first step is to simply concentrate on my breath, also known as the Pranayan Technique. This simple technique, which involves focusing on my breath and learning to listen to what it is telling me, helps me relax."
I used to do this same breathing but it was under a different name. I found what I'm looking for (that's why I was googling for breathing and running) and I decided to give it a try this morning.

The result:

I started w/ a slow pace, trying to give my system a chance to adapt to what I was used to. More than 10yrs ago, I was running for 40mins and swimming (breast-stroke) for 1hr alternately almost everyday when I have the chance.
Mental note: get in touch with my running buddy.
When you're single and got nothing to do, it's best to take good care of your body instead of wasting it with alcohol, white-sugar and meat [you save for your future at the same time ;-)]. I was on a 'half' vegetarian diet during those days.
After only one lap, I already got the feel. I felt like I was running like before!

Second Wind!
Before this day and lots of laps, I really never got my second wind. Today, I finally got my second wind! On the third lap I felt the rush and tried to 'push' myself and was surprised that I got under 7min/km!

GPS to the rescue
My previous stat of 6min/km is incorrent and realized that I was doing 7+min/km with the help of NST. GPS is so accurate and now I know I'm running a complete 5K during my practice runs. I will still try to achieve that 6min/km pace.

Low Breathing
I'm solved. I will run without opening my mouth again. When exhaling thru my mouth, it gets dry and I had to grab some water to get some moisture back. This morning, I didn't actually have to and never crave for water! I'm pretty confident that I will achieve that 6min/km in no time w/ low breathing.

A smart man or woman knows that their body really is their temple, their foundation; so do everything you can to promote it. Do it---even if it is "simply breathing." ~Perry Fields

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