September 11, 2010

More notes for the Fischer Audio DBA-02 IEMs

Listened to Mad About the Classics before I hit the bed and I must say these are very resolving IEMs. The DBA can easily extract those 'nuisance' like musicians preparing/playing/moving about and maybe audiences clearing their throat - that were caught on the recording.

It's the very first time that I've fully appreciated Track 18 In the Hall of the Mountain King, from the subtle playing of instrument until the grand finale - no pun intended.

I'm a sucker for Vivaldi's Four Seasons and I've never heard Spring|La Primavera this way before, the violins sounded like they should - friction (plucked or drawn) on the strings can be heard clearly with their own characteristics - like I can sense the sizes of the violins.

The DBAs can really present the orchestra clearly and without confusion and this is just using the Fuze as source. Impressive!

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