March 20, 2012

Mount Evolution

Been searching for a German Equatorial Mount for a scope.
Here's the mounts that I wanted to get based on size and prize:

First was the Orion SkyView Pro selling for USD399

but it didn't really look it can carry heavier scope so I looked further at something sturdier and upgradeable with automatic tracking which led me to
the Vixen GP2 which sells for USD696:

The R.A. Declination motor drive is available for USD179:

Now it's getting bigger and heavier so I searched some more and was surprised to find something 'smaller' and looks less complicated and easier to setup:
The AstroTrac which sells for USD700++

I was already set to order this when I encountered another good candidate from a well known GEQ maker:
The Losmandy StarLapse selling for USD695

So after thinking about it and almost ordering the AstroTrac,
I encountered the Pentax O-GPS1 with the AstroTracer function which really was a surprise.

I never really expected to see something from a camera maker that will help people with their astrophotography not to mention a revolutionary approach to imaging celestial bodies.
And the best part:
First, it doesn't require expensive GEQ mounts
Second, it's so small and
Third, it's so affordable!

The Pentax O-GPS1 is selling for ~USD250.

It works with the Pentax K-5 and K-r. Hoping to get a pair soon :)

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