November 09, 2009

Looking for forward for this year's Leonids Meteor Shower. A few years back I was able to count over 350 of them and this year should be another fruitful event w/ the Moon taking a time off on that week. 17Nov 1510H-UT is the peak of the show w/ a forecast of 500 meteors per hour! I'll try to watch on the evening of 17th and hopefully the early morning and evening of the 18th and I really hope the weather will cooperate :P Most of the time [locally] there's a storm when there's meteor shower :P

The Canon 1740L is back with me and I am very glad. I've tried an exposure of 5secs and ISO1600 w/ the lens at 17mm/f4 and the result is very promising! No wonder Canon 5D is called the King of the Night :D Can't wait to get some T-mount and M42 adapters!

Plus I've finally decided to wait and get the Tamron 24-135.

I hope I'm dong the right thing here :D

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