February 11, 2010

I'm hooked!

Well I'm definitely hooked w/ running and the Nokia N82 :D

Today I downloaded a very cool app from Antony Pranata's Personal Website
It's called the Screenshot and as the name suggests, it captures a screenshot on the N82's display by just pressing the camera shutter button.

Here are two screenshots after I installed the Screenshot software:
The apps screen and the StepCounter from this morning.

I've loaded a lot of apps in my N82 already :D

I have to measure my 'gait' accurately. This morning, I set my 'Step Length' to 75cm and it looks like it's too long for my actual gait which resulted to a 2.86km distance covered when it was only about 2.5km. I missed another lap because it was wakey-wakey time for the boys and had to give them a bath for school ^_^. I'll give it a go again on Saturday morning - target is 5K.

And before I forget that this blog is about photography :D back to N82's cam abilities.

After the race last Sunday I took two shots of my Casio digital watch showing my lap time from Sunday's 10K run at Condura.

First one w/ flash and the 2nd one w/o. Both in macro mode. Pretty decent I think.

After Sunday's run, my friend treated us to a buffet breakfast somewhere in Libis so I open fired on the way to the resto :D It's been a long time since I last visited this place :

One tall building

Lot's of high rise condo nowadays
Waiting for pizza delivery

this is the resto:

and the best part, I can now take pictures inside the grocery stores :D
my eldest son inside the car-pushcart :D

The Sony T500 will definitely be relegated to HD video capture :D

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