February 10, 2010

Random Thoughts

The Moon is 14% 'full'. Chinese New Year is fast approaching :P

I'm SO overwhelmed w/ what the Nokia N82 can do.
It's like an all-in-one gadget!
and then I found this:

NOKIA Sports Tracker Beta
(courtesy of then82blog \m/)
It's going to be a costly (:D) complement to my rediscovered hobby: running.

This won the Global Mobile Awards on 2009
as Best Mobile Internet Service
Judges' comments: "A great example of a service that utilises the capabilities of high tier handsets to deliver a compelling application and service proposition. The ability to share data captured on the handset with a community of users typifies how social networks are increasingly being driven by mobile use."

Now I will try to know more about GPS and it's accessibility here in Philippines.
First time I encountered GPS was when we 'chased' the solar eclipse's shadow in Kota Tinggi, Malaysia circa 1998 with a 'guru' astronomer from IOTA (International Occultation Timing Association).
Some pics are still up @ my old astronomy website hosted by Tripod.
I was able to google some info on this activity (using the GPS to measure umbra on the ground).

Just last night I was googling about Symbian and Python and downloaded some games from getjar.com!
Information overload and my head's getting dizzy (read as: high) :D

\m/ N82 \m/

[update1] hot from google: Nokia Step Counter @ Nokia Beta Labs. Wuhoohoohoo!!!

Took the Nokia Step Counter for a spin during lunch break and I'm floored:
I then confirmed the distance in Nokia Sports Tracker and it came very close!

(1km for one way)
I'll give this built-in pedometer with running early tomorrow :)
Will run 6x this route near our place:

Maps courtesy of Nokia Sports Tracker!

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