March 25, 2010


Makati was hit with a 6.0magnitude earthquake at around 1300H.
I was looking intently on my water bottle and was able to capture a video of it 'swaying',
didn't have the time to get a proper focus(?) though.

Check the video somewhere 2sec and 11sec where it swayed the most:

This is my very first video upload. Taken with N82.

Must Run!

Then at night time I decided to run.
I missed 1 or 2 weeks of practice and my input (food intake) is more than usual due to birthday celebrations at the office :P

I recently acquired a very affordable HRM (heart rate monitor) - the Omron HR-100C.
Some reviews on the Net here, here and here confirming how good and effective it is for its price. No bells and whistles here - just full functionality.

Here again is my graph on NST

And some numbers using the reading on my HRM, resting and max heart rates.
I shall learn more about this Heart Rate Zone Calculator.
I'm still wishing for a bluetooth HRM so I can (hopefully) pair it with my N82's NST.

Cool Down...

Cooling down I snapped some shots at the plaza...

Ongoing basketball league


Where are the customers?

There's more to shoot but I decided to stop or I might end up being mugged :D

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