April 01, 2010

A Dragon and an Alien

Me wife treated the boys (yup, including me of course) to see Dreamworks' latest animated film: How to Train Your Dragon. The boys loved it and if there's one weakness of the movie, I think it's not for girls. (Me wife said so herself and I agree).
(image shot w/ N82 set to email photo mode)

Anyway, we really enjoyed the film and we could have watched it all over again if not sleepiness and hunger set in.
Another thing that makes me grin while watching the movie was Toothless' (Hiccup's Night Fury dragon friend) uncanny resemblance to Disney's Stitch :P Dreamworks guys are no naughty!?

Makes me wonder about two things after seeing the movie:
  1. How many people were involved in that movie which 'only ran for 98mins'
  2. If Disney has ever filed a lawsuit against DW for 'teasing' them :))
and can't wait for another two things:
  1. To get a personal copy of the movie ;)
  2. To see it go past Top 20 of IMDB's Top 250 :P Go past Avatar please! :))

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