May 02, 2010

The Last Resort

Wuhoo! I finally was able to update my Ovi Maps from 2.0 to 3.0 \m/

I've tried everything... well not everything I guess - I was "afraid" to reset my phone. That's the last thing I haven't tried yet.

So tonight, before finally giving for the nth time - I said I have to try resetting my N82 and so I did.
The code to reset the N82 (not sure if this is good for all Nokia phones) is *#7370#. The phone will then ask for a Lock Code which is 12345. Then the phone will reset itself and will go bright white for some 5mins or so (yes it's quite a long time or that's how one feels when worried :D)

Prior to this, I've tried installing the latest Maps Updated but it didn't work. Just google for this version:
Then after the reset, install it and that's it! I reinstalled the Screen Capture and here are my new Ovi Maps on N82 :)

Logging off for now, I have to check it the current Maps will show the Philippine streets on my N82. Previously, I can see the streets on other countries but not in the Philippines. And I felt my N82 wasn't 'complete' without a working Ovi Maps :P

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