February 09, 2010

More real world shots from the Nokia N82 from Sunday's Condura Run.

Was taking my friend's photo wearing bib#40309 in the early morning w/ poor light.
The N82 had trouble focusing but I don't mind, I have to set the right expectation.
After crossing the finish line, lots of runners! I heard the 10K got the most participants. The dude who was tagging the finishers. Cheer up dude! The dude who collects the bar code w/ the Sun behind. Sunrise and the 10K runners Ropes and shoes! and more runners behind me
Some of the freebies and the finisher's medal

N82's lag time is considerably fast by point and shoot cam standard \m/ It was about 7.30AM and we were already leaving the area. Shot taken from my car when we stopped to let some late finishers pass the road - the cheering dudes were still waiting for the late finishers. Thumbs up for you guys! Aftermath of a race :P The challenging flyover
These are all straight from the cam (downsized and sharpened of course).
I will not run w/ a point and shoot cam but I will run w/ my cellphone so a cellphone w/ a built-in camera that rivals a point and shoot cam really is a life saver.
Am I happy w/ my purchase? You betcha!
More to come!!!

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