April 22, 2010

The Productive Mouse

I began exploring the capability of the NoAnyDelay (:D) A4Tech mouse yesterday.

16-in-1 feature screen and a very handy battery indicator. The mouse is powered by 2xAAA batteries. I wonder how long it will last. The AWLKB uses 2xAA. Let's see which one dies first.

Two of the most obvious gestures I can use are the Undo and Redo.
Hold double-click button then simulate undo gesture, Textpad undo'es 'lazy dog.':

Hold double-click button then simulate redo gesture:

Pretty impressive really. Less time to switch from mouse to keyboard.

There's also the 4D wheel. If the app screen doesn't fit the screen horizontally, just go to the Section B of the superimposed layout, then the scroll button will work horizontally.

I have yet to explore the rest of the items available with the A4Tech mouse:

Blogger Setting

Fortunately there's this option in Blogger

and was able to create this blog w/o any fuzz like it's easier to put two images side by side.

Am glad to see this screen again:

Am loving the uncluttered/wireless desktop in front of me... more space for the papers :D

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